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SELF DEFENCE - 22 & 29 JULY 2014 - 7pm till 9pm

List Price: £15.00
Deposit: £15.00

SELF DEFENCE - 22 & 29 JULY 2014 - 7pm till 9pm

The Self Defence course for adults is £15 for each class - please pay by cash or cheque, or pay a deposit via PayPal.
This is not a martial art or a system of fighting, but a very useful way of adapting the 'startle' response and 'fight or flight' responses into a coherent way for people who don't want to fight, to have a better chance of surviving the most common attacks.
It is being increasingly taught to people like teachers and NHS and care workers to defend themselves. It is a simple and easy to learn approach which is effective in a short period of time.
After only 2 hours a modest degree of competence can be achieved. We also put responses into the appropriate legal context to ensure that your justifiable response does not lead you into legal trouble.
There are two 2 hour classes, to provide plenty of time for warming up, review and questions.
The classes take place in the London Aikido Club dojo which is a small permanently matted martial arts club in Stoke Newington.
Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. Practice is in bare feet or with socks on.
For further information please contact Janice Hemmings on 07801 526422

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