Dojo Timetable 2016

Please note that the dojo is only open during the class times listed below, where the location is marked as the dojo.

Aikido weapons practice takes place at Rushmore Primary School, Elderfield Road, Lower Clapton, London E5 0LE. If you have any questions about weapons training, please contact the dojo and not the school.

If you are interested in chi kung/meditation, please look at the class on Tuesday evening for more contact information.

Monday 5-7.45pm Private Booking Dojo Private Booking. Dojo space not available to dojo members during this period
Monday 8-10pm Advanced tuition Dojo Andy Hathaway rokudan
Tuesday 8-10pm KEN course Rushmore School Andy Hathaway rokudan
Tuesday 6.30-8pm Chi Kung & Meditation Dojo Ali (07448 813272
Wednesday 11-1pm General tuition Dojo Paddy Bergin godan
Wednesday 4-5pm Children's class Dojo Henry Caneman ikkyu
Wednesday 6.30-8pm Key concepts course Dojo Henry Caneman ikkyu
Wednesday 8-10pm General tuition Dojo Andy Hathaway rokudan
Thursday 6.45-7.45pm Children's class Dojo Asari St Hill shodan
Thursday 8-10pm Kihon class Dojo Janice Hemmings godan
Thursday 8-10pm General tuition West London Allan Cowie sandan
Friday 7-9pm Key Concepts course Dojo Colin Langlais nidan
Saturday 10-12am General tuition Dojo Andy Hathaway rokudan
Saturday 12-2pm Key Concepts course Dojo Jo Wheeler shodan
Saturday 2-3pm Children's course Dojo Evelyne Faury ikkyu
Saturday 3.30 - 5pm Women only Dojo Evelyne Faury ikkyu
Sunday 10-12am JO course Rushmore School Andy Hathaway rokudan
Sunday 10-12am Key Concepts course Dojo Greg Creese shodan
Sunday 12.30-2.30pm General Tuition Dojo Asari St.Hill/Joe Sealy
Sunday 2.30-4.30pm By Arrangement Only Dojo By Arrangement Only


Any student may attend any class labelled "KEY CONCEPTS"as if it was '‘General tuition"


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