Kokyu Nage 
Kokyu Nage
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Yvonne Tabaillou

Benefits of Training

Self Defence
Aikido is a brilliant system of self-defense. Holds, locks, throws and blows are used to subdue assailants approaching in any way imaginable. There is also a higher level of training which builds a sensitivity to danger, which should make it possible to avoid threatening situations before any need to engage in physical confrontation actually arises. Aikido fundamentally seeks to resolve conflict without violence, to reconcile rather than conquer. Its true meaning can only be found by training.

Aikido is an excellent system of exercise. All the muscles of the body as well as the cardiovascular system are well worked in training. The body becomes more supple and agile, as you become more aware of how to apply efficient physical principles. Improved posture and sense of balance are the inevitable result of regular practice. These abilities are acquired via correct training. Emphasis is given to the gradual evolution of correct body habits. There is absolutely no need to have a high level of physical fitness to begin.

Aikido naturally develops a positive world view. Practice develops both mind and body in such a way that training becomes a whole way of life.

Aikido is a profoundly spiritual system, the meaning of which becomes apparent through the training. It can also be described as moving meditation, and has applications in the non violent resolution of conflict.

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