Aiki no Ken (sword) program

Ken No Kamae (standing position with sword):
Migi (right)
Hidari (left)
Ken Suburi Nanahon (7 movements with sword)
Ichi no Suburi (1st movement)
Ni no Suburi (2nd movement)
San no Suburi (3rd movement)
Yon no Suburi (4th movement)
Go no Suburi (5th movement)
Roku no Suburi (6th movement)
Shichi no Suburi (7th movement)
Happo no Giri (cutting on 8 directions)
Aiki Ken No Awase Ho (two people blending exercises):
Migi No Awase
Hidari No Awase
Go No Awase
Shichi No Awase
Ki Musubi No Tachi (sword of the union of ki)
Kumi Tachi Gohon (5 sword forms against an attacker, plus variations)
Ken no riai
Bokken tori (against one or several partners)
Ken Tai Jo No Awase - Both Original and Current versions (sword-body-staff blending exercises against an attacker):
Choku Barai
Kaeshi Barai
Kaiten Barai
Ken Tai jo yon
Ken Tai jo go
Ken Tai jo roku
Ken Tai jo shichi

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